Custom Video Request Form

Custom Video Information

How Much Does It Cost?

I charge $8 per minute and have a 5-minute minimum. I don’t charge for extras like most famous websites require!
So for example:
– a 5-minute video would be $40
– 10 minutes would be $80
– 15 minutes would be $120 and so on.

What Type Of Videos Do You Make?

I make videos of almost all fetishes, except for vomit and age-play videos. Please ask me first if you are wondering whether I’d make a certain type of video!

How Soon Can I Have My Video?

It typically takes me 2-3 weeks to research, write scripts, plan scenes, edit, and produce a custom video. I put a lot of love into them! That being said, I can expedite the process for an extra fee. They are as follows:
– 1-week delivery: $48
– 3 day delivery: $68
– 48-hour delivery: $78
– 24-hour delivery: $88

How Do I Receive My Video?

I can deliver your video via Dropbox (so you can access it whenever you like), or via OnlyFans or ManyVids.

Can I Request A Special Outfit Or Toy?

Absolutely! If I don’t have the item, I do ask that you cover the cost of the item. I have had clients send me toys, dresses, underwear, lingerie, wigs, shoes, and gloves to use for videos! This is always really fun.

What If I Want The Video To Be For My Eyes Only?

The fee for this, since making a video like this comes at a profit loss to me, is $198. I have had many fans enjoy their very own private video with exclusive rights!

What’s The Resolution Of The Video?

All of my videos are shot in 1080p, 60fps, free of charge!

Will You Say My Name In The Video?

Absolutely 😉

Any other questions please feel free to email me!