First Date Fart Fiasco


What a lovely first date we’ve had!
The Indian food place you took to me to was delicious. We head back to my place to have some fun, yet something awful is rumbling in my stomach. I’m trying to ignore it and avoid embarrassment, but it’s no use!
I rush to the bathroom while trying to control myself, but the door is stuck. I am filling the room with explosive farts while struggling with this stupid door! Finally, I pry the door open and get to the toilet just in time. I notice that you’ve followed me into the bathroom, and I can see what a huge boner you are getting.
Even though my farts are still going, I can’t help but to suck the cum out of your dick…

– POV – Fart Fetish – Big Ass – Dirty Talk – Creampie – Swallowing – Toilet Fetish – MILF –

First Date Fart Fiasco


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